Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Methotrexate Injectable Update

Here is a summary of the FDA's comments on the shortage of methotrexate.
Copied from: FDA Drug Shortage List
APP Customer Service 
Product 25 mg/mL; 2 mL vial (NDC 63323-0123-02) discontinued.
Product 25 mg/mL; 10 mL vial (NDC 63323-0123-10) available.
Note: if you were receiving the 2 mL vials, you may need to have your doctor call in a prescription to the 10 mL vials.  This item does have preservatives.  It is in high demand because of limited supplies available from other manufacturers.

Bedford Laboratories aka Ben Venue
Bedford Customer Service 1-800-562-4797

Bedford Laboratories has multiple products affected by the suspension of manufacturing at Ben Venue disclaimer icon in mid-November 2011. Availability of all products, including those not manufactured at Ben Venue, is updated as information changes on the Bedford Laboratories website

Bedford Laboratories has limited quantities available of methotrexate preservative-free 1 gram lyophilized powder for injection (NDC 55390-0143-01) and 250 mg/10 ml (NDC 55390-0034-10) with short expiry. Other presentations will not be available until capacity permits.

Hospira, Inc. 
Customer Service 1-877-946-7747 

25 mg/mL; 2 mL vial
With Preservative (NDC 61703-350-38):  next delivery February.

25 mg/mL; 40 mL vial;
Preservative Free (NDC 61703-408-41): next delivery March. 

Mylan Institutional
Limited quantity 25mg/ml; 2ml vial Preservative Free (NDC 10139-0062-02) available for emergency drop ship orders.

Limited quantity 25 mg/ml; 10ml vial Preservative Free  (NDC 10139-0062-10) available for emergency drop ship orders.

25 mg/ml; 40ml vial,Preservative Free (NDC 10139-0062-40) are planned to be available again in the coming weeks.

As additional product becomes available, it will continue to be allocated via drop ship orders. 

Hope this helps you source your medications if your pharmacy says something isn't available.
Note: a majority of the large vials of preservative free will more than likely go to Institutions for treatment of cancer.  

Hopefully, this will be over soon! 

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