Friday, February 10, 2012

Know someone Battling with medical bills?

I am looking for a few organizations to support.  Organizations that help folks like me.

Right now, my insurance covers nearly everything necessary to cope with and treat my condition.  In July it will change.  We will have to pay for 20% of outpatient treatments, our office visit co-pays will go up, our non-formulary prescriptions will sky rocket.  However, what we will end up paying is still a fraction of what some pay out of pocket.  
Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy's facebook status this morning put it best, "You know you have rheumatoid arthritis when your monthly medical expenses are greater than your rent/mortgage payment!"

I am a full time student and hubby's meager income is barely cutting it right now.  He's only staying with his employer until I graduate and get a job, so we can continue medical insurance.  All three of us on the plan use it to its fullest extent.  
My MTX seems to be showing glimmerings of hope . . . I have a little more energy.  Monday through Thursday I am less stiff in the morning and I haven't needed breakthrough pain meds since 10 days ago.  Even then, it was for my intercostal neuralgia.  This weekend will be treatment four.  I am still on a daily dose of Sulfasalazine (2500 mg) as well.  Thursdays are crazy busy for me and I pay for it on Friday mornings until at least noon. Posted this this morning . . Raising Money for Medical Bills, Medication, Surgery, etc.  It is definitely a good place to start!
Please Leave comments about foundations and other non-profits that you are aware of!

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