Sunday, February 26, 2012

Medical Marijuana

Do I use marijuana? No.  Would I use marijuana to help with my chronic pain? Yes, but only if it were legal.
There are many individuals, like myself, who have a lot to lose if they were to get caught using marijuana, even if it were for medical use, as the legislation stands at this moment.  We have given up so much to these diseases, we don't mind paying for it, even if it is moderately taxed because it means not only would we not have to worry about legal ramifications, we would feel better.

I feel that, like other mind altering medications and alcohol, there should be restrictions about coming to work or driving under its effects.  Common sense tells us, if we take Vicodin for pain, we shouldn't drive.  There are HUGE legal ramifications for driving under the influence of alcohol.  I feel that at DUI/DWI should be in place for any mind altering medication. 

Heck, most of the meds I take for my health state on the bottle: "Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how this medication affects you."  The same should hold true for medical marijuana.

This year, Ohio has two potential issues for the ballot regarding the Compassionate Care Act.
Please read: 2 Groups push Medical Marijuana
Become informed.  Check what legislation is in effect in your state.  Do what you can to help make positive changes for others.
Check for a local NORML chapter near you. Ohio NORML
We are not looking for marijuana for recreational use, but instead, as medicine.  Up until 1941/1942, marijuana was legal by prescription in the United States.  It's been used as medicine for over 4000 years . . . .

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