Monday, January 16, 2012


You've probably seen the chair rolls, the wrist bumpered mouse pads, etc.  Heck, you may have even been sent home with stuff from PT or OT.  Lord knows I have.
Whilst out shopping with a friend at a large craft store, I came across the Creative Comfort line (See Links below from Amazon).

She and I both have orthopaedic issues.  She's actually scheduling to see my new rheumy shortly.  All of our issues started after injuries. Back Pain, Joint Pain, etc.

We both thought this would be extremely useful in our homes, Creative Comfort Posture Pillow.  We will both be buying them.

Another item I found, Creative Comfort Elbow Rest, felt wonderful, just rolling it around and squeezing it in my hand.  Almost like a massage on all my painful synovial joints.
I've also found that holding a phone can be torture.  I purchased this, Mono Ear Bud, one for the car and one for home.  It works well, not like inline mics of days gone by.  My mom can hear me well, weather I'm driving (minimal background noise) or at home.

I will be posting pics of other ways to help stay comfortable while doing things around the house.
Have a great day.  Please take a moment to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today . . . . "Free at last . . ."

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