Friday, January 13, 2012

Arthritis Awareness

There are so many causes for Inflammatory Arthritis, so many specifics that are not quite understood by science yet.

I really like the blog

I found this store this morning

It is snowing and the weather like this usually make me hurt more.  However, yesterday I was dealing with the side effects of my first methotrexate dose.  It wasn't horrible, but it certainly wasn't pleasant. 

So with school starting back up this week, I am planning on my next dose being next Saturday.  That way I have Sunday to recover.  Others have told me, that with time, the side effects will lessen . . .

I really don't care, especially if it is just like yesterday.  I just hope that it works.  Hope my body responds appropriately. Oh what I would do to have a day that I could get out of bed on my terms, not have to schedule to wake up an hour before I need to be moving, so I can walk once I am out of bed.

With the weather today, my feet felt crushed before I even got moving.  Especially during my stretches.  When I got up, it was like walking on broken glass.  Hard to balance.  However, it has been worse.
Have a good weekend all!

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