Monday, January 16, 2012

Customer Complaint . . .

Do not use this company for your swimsuit needs.
I placed an order on 1/9, because I needed a swimsuit for Physical Therapy.  On 1/11, I received an email citing that part of my order was out of stock and could I please contact them to select a suitable replacement.

I did so, but there phone service kept cutting out and they were having problems with my card.

I requested that my order be cancelled. I was told that it had been.  Later that day, another charge from them appeared.  I called SSFA, but could not get through to a person; I sent an message through their website while on hold. So, I called my bank to dispute it, while I was on the phone with my bank, the charge was rescinded.  Later that day, it disappeared from my ledger.
Then over the weekend, the charge re-appeared on my account.  I just got off of the phone with my bank & SSFA. My bank will refuse the charges as soon as it is a firm charge.
SSFA told me that they couldn't stop the order, so it was shipped.  Therefore, I was charged.

They couldn't help me unless they received the product back.  Why was the product shipped?  I cancelled the order over the phone with one of their CSRs on 1/11/12.  It was shipped 1/12/12.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of NJ.
UPDATE 1/18/12
The manager called and is issuing my refund. I have notified the BBB through their claim service. 
The emailed refund receipt cites that two bottoms and a top (I had ordered one top and one bottom) were shipped . . . really?  They screwed up their screw up.
I am not confidant in this, but I feel that if I had not contacted the BBB, I would still be chasing them.

It's hard enough dealing with the horrible meds to treat the horrible condition, but then to deal with horrible service for an item that you needed so you can feel better (Physical Therapy)!  

UPDATE 1/19/12
So I checked my bank ledger online this morning and the charge in question has dropped off, but then another charge appeared firm (not pending) on my account!!!!!  Horrible, Horrible Company.
I contacted the BBB of NJ AGAIN! 
UPDATE 1/24/12
So today SSFA refunded PART of the amount to my account today, minus $14.95.
I own a small business and have worked in many positions where a refund has been in order on behalf of user error with the machine. Whether said machine be a Point of Sale Terminal, an eTerminal or Quickbooks Pro.  I know that it is NOT that hard to process a refund, I've done them for clients, and when an error has been discovered through audit of charges as an employee/admin.
I have used the lovely "Print Screen" function and Photoshop to save these transactions as jpeg files. Uploaded said files to Public Folders in my Photobucket account and submitted a link to each to the BBB of NJ's eBinder of my Complaint.
Tomorrow, not only will I be contacting my bank, but I will also be contacting the manager, Wendy, at SSFA, LLC & the BBB of NJ.
People make mistakes.  It is part of being human.  However, this is downright negligent on their part!
UPDATE 1/25/12 
I received the following response from BBB of NJ:
***The company has decided to stand by its original decision regarding your complaint.

We regret that we have been unable to assist in resolving this complaint to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Your complaint will remain on file and will be used by BBB when preparing a report on the company.
 So, they are standing firm in they decision to refund an unauthorized charge to my account?!!!!
I was on hold with the Fraud Dept at my bank, who was able to contact SSFA and the funds will be refunded today and should appear back in my account by tomorrow. 
 Update 1/26/12
Overnight, the refund had posted to my account, as a "Credit for Debit Card Dispute".  Yesterday evening I received the following email from the company's Social Media Consultant:

All has been handled.  I spoke to the "Powers That Be" and your $14.95 has been refunded to you.  It was an oversight on our part and we are terribly sorry for the frustration.  Would you do me the kindness of posting on the thread that we have on Facebook stating that we did resolve your issue so that I can send it to the BBB of NJ and let them know we DID handle this for you?  Or, you can just write me back in this letter and let me know if we have satisfied you with this resolution.  I would so greatly appreciate that.

As a token of apology, when you order from us again, please use the code "XXXXXXX", which is my personal code.  That will get you free shipping on your next order. There is also a flash sale going on right now with up to 50% off all merchandise. Details are on our FB page.

If you have any problems with us in the future or need any questions answered regarding our merchandise, you have my personal email now.  Make sure to contact me and I will take good care of you!  Please write me back and let me know you got this email.  Thanks!
 I am saddened that it had to come to me posting on their Facebook page AND contact my bank's Fraud department to get this resolved.  I was very close to contacting their merchant server regarding the situation.  Fortunately, I did not have to.
Please Note: The free shipping code and my name have been removed from the response.


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