Saturday, January 28, 2012


This morning, I went about my normal routine.
Made breakfast for hubby  and I, emptied dishwasher, reloaded it while breakfast was cooking.
Sat down to eat.  Twisted slightly to move a chemistry textbook that was digging into my knee.

Next thing I know I am doubled over with my ribs in excruciating pain. Any move makes it worse. Tears came instantly.  Cursing at the pain, I made my way to the bathroom to grab morning meds and pain meds.
I tried calling my rheumatologist via the Nurse on call, but they put me in touch with my PCP. Who said go to the ER.  So I called back and told them I specifically need to be in touch with my rheumatologist.

It took them a feel minutes to get her on the line, but the nurse got my doctor on the line and called me back.  She's calling in Medrol.  Hopefully, it will quiet down the costochondritis, if not I'm suppose to go to the ER. 

Normally, I can endure high levels of pain without uttering a sound.  This is so sharp and quick, I could not help, but cry out.

Valium has taken the edge off of the spasms, but barely so. As long as I sit still and keep pressure with an ice pack, don't breathe too deep, I can stand it.

I know that they are covering their asses telling me to go to the ER and that the pain is bad enough, I probably should. What are they going to do? Take Xrays and give me narcotics.  While I would welcome relief from the pain, I need to buy groceries.
Glucocorticoids are gonna have to do it.

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