Sunday, August 28, 2011

Can't Sleep

I must admit, I'm laying in bed writing from my phone.
I'm excited to start classes tomorrow! Cell Bio, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I, Native American Lit.
I adore learning.
This will be my first semester at this university. Last year, when I first started back to school, I took classes at a community college to save $$$$.
I am also nervous. Will I be able to find a close enough parking space. Will my pain meds be enough to get me through the day.  I have been having a lot of trouble walking this past week, it's been very painful.
These are things I didn't have to worry about 15 years ago when I went for my first degree.
And then there are the financial concerns that go with being a student at any point in life.  I really need to get a part time job on campus. I had an interview for one last week and have been asked for more info for two others in the last few weeks.
While I am licensed to do a job that pays much more. It would be easier to have something where I don't have to travel further. Sometimes the energy that that takes, takes it all out of me.
I really want to try a different line of meds. I need my energy back. I need to live my life!

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