Sunday, July 1, 2012

Methotrexate . . .side effects

So, en lieu of increasing side effects(GI and Menstrual), some which may or may not be directly attributed to the actual MTX or not, I am changing my protocol.

Instead of 15 mg every week, I am gonna see how I do on every other week.

I have been having breakthrough bleeding for about 6 weeks . . . so I began pouring through the NIH archives and I found this article. Which clearly indicates further studies are warranted.

I have been working with my OBGYN Nurse Practitioner about how to proceed. The cramping is nearly constant and getting tiresome . . . I had an ultrasound last Monday, which save for some free fluid (which the radiologist feels may be secondary to a ruptured cyst; which brings up a whole added set of questions) was unremarkable.

My insurance will only cover tubal ligation if it is to prevent a life threatening condition.  I would like to think that getting pregnant while on Methotrexate would fall under this category, as MTX is a category X medication and as such pregnancy is prohibited.
 Comment below if you or someone you know has experienced something similar.
I know that MTX increases friability (fragility, which causes the tissue to weaken), but that doesn't account for the cramping.

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