Friday, March 9, 2012

Grey hair . . .

Grey strands aren't new to me . . . I found my first three ten years ago . . .
However, until recently, their texture was smooth.

Now, I have wiry strands floating above my crown.  This morning after washing my hair, I went to tweeze my eyebrows and discovered a white eye brow hair!  I called my husband into the bathroom to show him the offending hair before I plucked it out.  He goes, "Maybe it is because you are on chemo?"

He doesn't like that I take MTX, but he understands that it is helping.  He always refers to it as "chemo".  He's scared and rightly so.  It's a serious drug.

I had a follow up with my rheumy on Wednesday.  It went really well.  On physical exam, my feet are still no better, but they were also the first place this disease hit.  Probably where the worst damage is.  She says my condition is stabilizing and feels we can stretch my next follow-up out another month.  So I don't have to go back until June. YAY!  I had a chemistry panel drawn before leaving the facility; I had a CBC a month ago.  They came back completely normal!  So my liver is handling everything well!  As are my kidneys.

Therefore, I guess it is worth giving up a few glasses of wine a week and gaining a few more unruly greys!
Aside: I did do a bit of research and apparently grey hair is a side effect of methotrexate. Boo!

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